Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Need a Wife Rant

It's 2 AM and I am on round three of this day. I clean the house so there is some semblance of order when I begin again, organize my schedule for tomorrow, pick out the clothes that I will need for the day, including what I will wear for my meeting with the Chair of a Board, the Veterinarian (my dog is sick), my clients, my printer, and then to teach a class at the gym at 4:30.

Did I mention my dog?  The poor little guy came down with a nasty cough today, so I worked at home to look after my sick dog. Tomorrow he comes with me to the office for my meetings.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I will need to wash the bugs off my car from the "vacation" we took last week, write the content for the upcoming magazine, prepare for client meetings on Friday in a city 2 hours away, and return phone calls to new and current clients.

It's 2 AM and the my husband is snoring. My dog is asleep, finally. It's 2 AM and I here . . . with my computer, rather than sleeping.

The other day, somebody said that "it's a good thing you don't have a real job so you can take care of what ever you need to."

Did I mention that I am an entrepreneur? By that I really mean mice-sized. Minute, some might say. I run with the elephants, all by myself, like many entrepreneurs who would be my clients if they could take some time to get help. I help people plan their way ahead, market themselves, stay fit and healthy and live with awareness.

I have a strategy and communications consulting practice that helps business owners plan their way ahead and a publishing business that helps clients tell their story so that the community will support them in their goals and use their services. I am also a physical fitness instructor at a gym, a yoga student, on my way to becoming a teacher, and an author trying to get a book about living in colour edited (again) and back to the publisher. Oh yes, I am a blogger, but that's really just for fun.

I am not alone on my tread wheel.  As entrepreneurs we do it all.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way discounting men who are entrepreneurs, but the title of this post is about needing a wife, so please allow me to continue with my rant.)

As women entrepreneurs, we do it all. Am I right? (Say amen here). Today I talked with a friend entrepreneur who is attempting to run her businesses "part time" in between driving the kids to and from their summer activities. Many of the women I work with are multi tasking just like me. Women tend to do that, where as men tend to move linearly, like ducks.

I am noticing a trend that women work their butts off and can handle amazing feats of strength despite our minute, frail frame. Mice sized entrepreneurs work their butts off.  Women entrepreneurs work their butts off. So, I need another woman in my life to help me. A wife perhaps. Having been one for the last 31 years, I can attest to how handy we are.

If I had a wife, she could look after my poor sick little dog, wash the car, manage the family bank account, buy some groceries, cook them, clean the house, wash the clothes, and maybe even teach me how to make coffee in my new funky coffee pot in the office.

If I had a wife, maybe she could come to my office and help me get finally moved in after four months, order that wall paper and hang it, and possibly take care of my books in her free time.

If I had a wife, maybe I could get to a yoga class, and of course, so could she, because we all know how important it is to stay grounded, focused and balanced.

If I had a wife, I would have been in bed 4 hours ago. But it's 2 AM. And I just noticed how bad this video is and how thankful I am that it is no longer the 1980's when I danced like that and wore really bad leather.  But I digress.

I need a wife.

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  1. I think you :

    deserve a wife

    and a fairy godmother

    so that when you take a much need "vacation" stuff still magically gets done in your absence

    and yes a maid or someone to shop, cook and then clean up ;)

    and the banking, vet, house keeping and the books, and and and

    You need another You


    ' Lynn's personal assistant Fund '

    Maybe a little duck or flamingo shaped piggy bank on your desk -- donations accepted
    quack here if you love me